Survival of the fittest has always been the rule, so you well know how important it is to be fit. Getting and staying fit might not be that difficult but a certain amount of effort is definitely required. Following some tips shall be of great help.

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The most important thing required to get back into shape and to maintain your fitness program is motivation. Firstly set up a goal for yourself and work towards achieving that. Whether it is calorie burning or weight loss goal, you shall get motivated as you notice positive results in yourself.

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Nutrition plays a vital role in your fitness program. You need to have a proper diet that should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that are rich in fat. Remember, breakfast is the most essential part of your daily meal. A proper breakfast keeps you going throughout the day. There is nothing like bad or good food, the trick lies in eating things in the right proportions. Even if you take your favorite dish in the right quantity, you will stay fit.

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